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How do I measure my gymnast?

                         Girth                                                                                                              Chest / Waist / Hips
Girth                                                                Measurements
Measurements are in inches.
What do these sizes mean?
Size                               Girth/Torso*                 Chest                      Waist                                Hip
5                                          35-37                       15-16                      16-18                               18-20
6/7                                       37-39                       17-19                      18-19                               19-21
8                                          40-42                       20-22                      19-21                               22-24
10                                        43-45                       23-26                      21-22                               25-27
12                                        46-48                       26-29                      22-23                               28-29
14                                        49-51                       29-31                      23-25                               30-31
16                                        51-53                       32-34                      24-26                               32-34
YXS                                      54-56                       33-35                      25-26                               33-35
YS                                        57-59                       35-36                      26-27                                35-36
YM                                       60-62                       36-37                      28-29                                37-38
YL                                        63-65                       37-39                      29-30                               39-40
* Girth/Torso is the most important measurement
How do you put on a long sleeve suit?
Always remember to put on the body of the suit right up to the armpit. Then place one arm in bringing all of the sleeve material all the way up on the wrist. Slowly pull the rest of the arm material onto the arm pulling the material up to the shoulder. Repeat with the other arm. Take your time. If you try to stretch the material into place it with damage the seams of the suit.
Washing Instructions
Hand wash in cold water, dry flat. Do not place suit in the dryer as the heat may damage the crystal application.
What currency is this in?
All prices are in Canadian funds.
What credit cards do you take?
GYMagic accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Can I pay COD?
Custom orders must be paid in full prior to manufacturing.
Is there tax?
GST will be applied to all orders. PST will only be applied to the adult items of all orders.
What is your return policy?
All custom orders are made to your specifications therefore, these orders cannot be returned or exchanged. Individual training suits that have not been worn can be exchanged or refunded within 2 weeks of purchase.



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